Thursday, March 8, 2012

Margaret's Cleaners Restores Fire-Damaged Stuffed Animals and Other Items

Fires are devastating. In an unexpected instant, all of your worldly belongings can burn into nothing. And, although these are just "things," it's heart-wrenching to watch your favorite possessions become irreparably damaged.

Recently, a family suffered a huge house fire. They brought us bags and boxes of burned and damaged stuffed animals, dolls, clothing, and other items. As we were unpacking the items from the boxes, we were overwhelmed by the burnt smell and sight of these loved belongings. We wore gloves and aprons to avoid covering our hands and clothing in soot and ash.

Margaret's cleaned and restored over 3,000 items for this family. In the aftermath of such a huge tragedy, it makes us feel good to return these things in good condition. It's one less heartache this family has to endure.

Trust Margaret's
We use tried-and-true, eco-friendly methods to clean and restore your textiles.

If your wardrobe and/or textiles suffer smoke-, water-, or other damage, Margaret’s will pick up items in San Diego and Orange counties, bring them to the processing facility, restore them to odor-free condition, store them until you’re ready, and then return them in ready-to-use condition. If you live outside of our pick-up area, Margaret’s offers a nationwide courier service.

Margaret’s works with your needs and finishes orders in a timely fashion. Depending on the condition of the items and the degree of damage, Margaret’s can generally clean and return items within 30 to 60 days—possibly sooner.

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